Sinners one and all

Summer is here and we at Taboo Theatre are excited to announce the teams working on the three shows we’ve dubbed Summer of Sin.

No Roots is the debut play by writer/performer Jasmine Shenandoah, it is a coming of age story about love, lies, and addictions. Featuring Jasmine Shenandoah as Nisa, Sophie Schade as Joseph, and Kathryn Reeves as the Chorus. Choreography by Mae Taverner.

Harbourtown, by Mark Foster, is a story about abandonment, loneliness, and the pursuit of perfection, set in a city slowly sinking. It features Celia Rossiter, Joel Diamond, Amanda Mullally, Emma Ross, and Lindsay Ross in an ensemble cast. It is stage managed by Kirsten Bruce, designed by Zach Greenham, and features projection by Anna Shepherd.

The Waiting Gentlewoman features its original cast, Jessy Matthews as Judith and Kirsten Bruce as May, plus Kathryn Reeves taking on the role of Percy in this revised version. It is co-stage managed by Mark Foster and designed by Lara Lewis. The Waiting Gentlewoman is written by Mark Foster.

All shows in the Summer of Sin are produced and directed by Taboo Theatre artistic director Lara Lewis. Taboo Theatre features graphic design by William Sinclair. Our current playwright in residence is Mark Foster.

Do you want to be involved in a Taboo Theatre experience? Contact us at tabootheatre[at]gmail[dot]com for volunteer opportunities and to submit script or production proposals.


Taboo Theatre is bringing you a summer of sin and you can be a part of it! This May we’re holding auditions for not one, not two, but three original plays by emerging local playwrights.
Taboo Theatre creates art in Kji’puktuk, part of unceded Mi’kmaw territory. Some roles are gendered but all actors are encouraged to audition for any role.

WHERE: APEX, 6068 Quinpool Road (see accessibility notes below)
WHEN: May 18, 2018 6:00 PM-10:00 PM
HOW: Email to book your spot today and prepare a two-minute monologue, story, poem, or spoken word piece.

by Mark Foster
In a city slowly sinking, a professor tries to create a perfect world as it crumbles around her. An apprentice with a mission to kill her master — but she’ll have to get in line. Two lovers reunite, but one of them has an ulterior motive.
What ties them together? Lorena Salazar, deceased at 26, a decade to the day.

MARLA MASSEY, 58, female, queer. Trapped on a ship in the harbor. Lorena’s former professor who held romantic feelings for the younger woman.
ADRIENNE PATERNOSTER, 22, female. Junior federal finance analyst. Less than a year on the job. Physically powerful and a mind for numbers.
NIKLAS REDSAT, 49, male, queer. A senior financial executive officer, part of Harbourtown’s provisional government.
TOM FINDLAY, 38, male. A former shipyard worker, and member of a brewing revolution. Edie’s former spouse.
EDIE DIRKSEN, 36, female. Manager of a grocery store inland. A former student of Marla and friend of Lorena. She abandoned him 8 years ago, but now she needs his help if she’s going to keep a promise.

by Jasmine Shenandoah Ashfield
A coming of age story about love lies and addiction ‘No Roots’ follows the story of a young indigenous woman struggling to find her place in the world.
JOSEPH, late 20’s, male. Handsome, good humoured. Love interest to Nisa. Lower class, and struggling with hiding his drug addiction. Life of the party, enjoys life. Some dance skills required.
NISA, mid 20s, female. Drives the plot. Young and naive. Has no control over the events that unfold around her. Cautious, but overly trusting. (ALREADY CAST)
ENSEMBLE, any age, any gender. Play multiple roles including a homeless lady, a frat bro, and Nisa’s father. Some dance skills required.

by Mark Foster
The Waiting Gentlewoman follows Percy, a pretentious theatre maker, and his long-suffering wife May, an aspiring poet, whose marriage is about to disintegrate in the middle of a vanity production of Much Ado About Nothing. Can they keep it together long enough to finish their own show?
***This production takes place in Saint John, NB and will be rehearsed in Halifax***
PERCY, early 30’s, male. Percy is an actor/director/writer/designer/leafly reviewer/chronic masturbator/compulsive liar.

ACCESSIBILITY: APEX is the boardroom of the shared offices of 2b theatre, Live Art Dance, and Secret Theatre. The building has an all-gender washroom and is up a flight of stairs. APEX is not a scent-free environment, but scents will be minimized during the auditions to the best of our ability. If acessibility is a conern, email to arrange antoher space to audition in.

Taboo Theatre creates on the sovereign land of Mi’kma’ki, and is subject to the conditions outlined in the Treaties of Peace and Friendship first signed in 1725, which established the Mi’kmaq and Wolastoqiyik people’s rights to their land and resources.
We have gratitude to the Wolastoqiyik people for hosting us on their unceded land during the Fundy Fringe Festival.

Baby’s first tour

Poster design by William Sinclair

For the first time, Taboo is leaving the province. We’re sharing The Waiting Gentlewoman with the fine audiences at the Fundy Fringe Festival!

The Waiting Gentlewoman is a short play by Taboo Theatre Playwright in Residence, Mark Foster, directed by AD Lara Lewis. It premiered in 2017 as part of Taboo’s double-bill, Seasonal Affective Dramas. It was previously workshopped at the King’s Inringement Festival and Halifax Re-Fringed.

The Waiting Gentlewoman is a play in dialogue with Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. It follows a vanity production of the play, and the disintegrating real-life marriage of the actors playing Beatrice and Benedick. The play is explores the relationship between art and capitalism, power, abuse, and toxic masculinity, and the incubation of misogyny in artistic spaces.

Cast includes Jessy Matthews and Kirsten Bruce. Poster by William Sinclair. Original costumes by Kaelen MacDonald and Carolyn Claypoole.

The Uncanny comes to the Bus Stop

The Uncanny, When Fantasy is Too Real

3 New Short Plays inspired by Fairy Tales- Bus Stop Theatre Aug4th-7th

Taboo Theatre is excited to present a series of 3 original short plays at the Bus Stop Theatre this August!

Once Upon a Time can be so inspiring.
We can look at these fantastical worlds, yet still see ourselves in them.
We can measure our world by it and re-write the ending as we please.
We can play and joke and be silly and carefree.
We can go places we would never allow ourselves to go.
And that is exactly what we are doing.
Asleep at the Wheel by Jordan Hall
Directed by Zara Tufts
A dab of privilege, a spoonful of promises and a touch of despair.
Locked in a cell, bribed with the “happily ever after”, two young women are expected to turn on each other. Can sisterhood survive?
Marriedest One of All by Jenn Dlugos and Charlie Hatton
Directed by Andrea Dymond*
A dab of pride, a spoonful of husbands and a touch of jealousy.
Hilarious and irreverent , this comedy follows The Evil Queen as she fights for yet another title stolen from her by Snow White: The Marriedest One of All!
Hansel in Lederhosen by Hal Corley
Directed by Luciana S. Fernandes
A dab of kink, a spoonful of incest and a touch of familiarity.
In this uncomfortably irresistible dark comedy, a Halifax director holds auditions for his new hush-hush experimental play and is blown away by an oddly mysterious actress, who understands what he is looking for almost too well.
-Shows at the Bus Stop Theatre, 2203 Gottingen
-4-7 August, 2016 @ 8PM, with a 2PM matinee Sunday August 7th

Please Note: Mature subject matter.
This show is NOT appropriate for young audiences.
*This is a Canadian Actors’ Equity Association production under the Artists’ Collective Policy

Auditions for The Uncanny

Luciana Fernandes, Zara Tufts and Andrea Dymond will be directing 3 new short plays (15-40 minutes) and we are looking for 5 actors (all genders, ages and ethnicities).
Actors may be cast in 1 to 3 of the plays.
Design by Lenny Langton
SM and AD by Lara Lewis

This will be a profit share production.
Non-Union and Union actors are welcome to audition (under the actor’s collective agreement)

Show week will be the week of July 31st- August 7th.
Rehearsals will be held part time through July according to the availability of the cast.

Please e-mail to book a time slot.
Auditions will be held May 23rd 6pm-9:30pm
May 28th 11am-3:30pm
Mumford St Sobeys- Community Room

-Please provide acting resume and headshot
-Monologues encouraged, though not required.
-Sides for cold readings will be provided in advance.

A bit about the festival:
The Uncanny, When Fantasy is Too Real will be a festival of 3 new plays inspired by Hansel and Gretel, Rumpelstiltskin and Snow White– written from a 21st century fearless mature perspective, allowing us use the bonds of tradition to discuss (and maybe even subvert) our own ideologies.

The Uncanny- Play Announcement

Thank you all for your patience as we deliberated on the submissions.
After going through nearly 200 plays of incredibly high caliber, we are honoured to announce the chosen plays and tell you a bit about the writers!

Hal Corley’s- Hansel in Lederhosen
Hal has developed his plays with major companies (Seattle Rep, Syracuse Stage, Walnut Street, Premiere Stages, Atlanta’s Alliance, SF’s NCTC, Adirondack Theater Festival). Three full-length scripts are published by Samuel French.  His Treed is published by Playscripts in Great Short Plays Volume 10, his Dolor will be published in Applause’s Best American Short Plays, 2014-2015, and 28 of his one-acts have been produced in 18 state sand Canada. He recently won HRC Showcase and Arch and Bruce Brown Foundation awards for his play Married North, and has three times been a semifinalist in the O’Neill Competition.

Jordan Hall’s- Asleep at the Wheel
Jordan Hall’s work has been dubbed “stellar, insightful” by Plank Magazine, “thoughtful” by CBC Radio, and “vivid, memorable” by NOW. Her first full-length play, Kayak, won Samuel French’s 2010 Canadian Playwrights Competition, and has been produced to critical acclaim across North America. An Associate at Playwrights Theatre Centre from 2010-2013, she is currently Touchstone Theatre’s 2016 Flying Start playwright, and her most recent play, How to Survive an Apocalypse, will premiere with Touchstone in 2016. As a screenwriter, Jordan co-created the CSA-nominated Carmilla: The Series for SmokeBomb Entertainment. She has also been a finalist in both the LA Comedy Fest and Beverly Hills Short Screenplay Competitions, as well as a winner of the Crazy8s Short Film Production Competition. As a dramaturg, Jordan worked on The Hearing of Jeremy Hinzman at the 2012 Summerworks Festival, and spent five years as a mentor for UBC’s Booming Ground program.

Jenn Dlugos and Charlie Hatton- The Marriedest One of All
Jenn Dlugos is an award-winning comedy writer and filmmaker. Her TV pitch Ladies on the Loose was one of five finalists in the first Lifetime Television Unscripted Development Pipeline at the New York Television Festival. Her comedy film Cat Scratch won awards at film festivals all over the country, including Best Comedy Film at the Boston Comedy Fest, and her sitcom pilot Thicker Than Water was a top-50 quarterfinalist in the 2015 Tracking Board Launch Pad contest and a semi-finalist in the 2014 Industry Insider TV Writing contest. Jenn co-edits the award-winning humor book series Mug of Woe, a series of true and embarrassing stories. She teaches screenwriting all over New England and runs the writing site

Charlie Hatton is a comedy writer who has served as staff writer for humor websites and Bugs & Cranks, among others. He reached the final round in NYC Midnight’s Short Screenplay and Micro Flash Fiction challenges, and has written and performed sketch comedy with several Boston-area groups. His writing has appeared in each of the six editions of Mug of Woe, an award-winning series of humor essay anthologies, and in Did You Read That Review?, an Amazon-selected collection of humorous product reviews.


Keep an eye out for an audition notice next!

Special thanks to the team that helped me make these hard decisions: Mike Chandler, Lara Lewis, Zara Tufts and Megan Kendell.


Much Love,

Luciana Fernandes A.D.


We are honoured to have received so many submissions! Our team is hard at work, reading away.

To go through all of them carefully, we are taking a bit longer than originally planned.
We should have it all set in the next couple of weeks, stay tuned!

No Exit

“Anything, anything would be better than this agony of mind, this creeping pain that gnaws and fumbles and caresses one and never hurts quite enough”
Taboo is currently presenting No Exit by Jean Paul Sartre.
No Exit is made of layers upon layers of the fascinating complexity that makes one human.
We have an all-star creative team bringing this show to us. Let’s hear a bit more about it from the creators.

Our director, Megan Kendell, explains a bit about the play:

Sartre believed that being observed by others causes us to view ourselves as an object in another person’s consciousness. He also thought that we do not get involved with people due to any sort of attraction to them, but because of the way they look and us and make us look at ourselves. We surround ourselves with mirrors that reflect what we want to see in ourselves. However, as you will see in No Exit, when that mirror reflects something we would rather not see, it can be quite a torturous experience.

We asked our actors about their fascinating characters

Joel Diamond, the Valet: 
what I find most fascinating about my character is that I truly enjoy and take pleasure in seeing my guests hiding their fears and knowing they will suffer anyway. Welcome to hell!!

Andrea Dymond, Inez: With Inez, it’s the question of why she needs to hurt other people (and see them suffer).  She says if she’s left on our own she”flickers” out.”  Is it really loneliness that drives her?  Or not being able to stand her own company?  So that even if she really loves someone, the only way she can express it is by hurting them? 

Nicole Moore, Estelle: The thing I find most fascinating about Estelle is her ability to compartmentalize, her purposeful and stubborn refusal to address her reality. She never fully accepts her situation or that her own choices may have created that situation.

Pasha Ebrahimi, Garcin: Without conveying plot elements, I would say his desperate obsession with becoming something he’s not, something that he’s lied to himself about his whole life rather than working towards actually achieving it.

No Exit by Jean Paul Sartre
Directed by Megan Kendell
Previewing on Dec 2nd, Running 3rd-5th @8pm
Theatre NS Living Room, 2353 Agricola Street
See you in hell!

Call for Submissions

Taboo is looking for submissions again! We have wanted to do this for a while and we are very excited that now is the time. This year, instead of  Grand Guignol plays, we are looking for original adult fairy tales, exploring diverse taboos. Our showcase will have the theme “The Uncanny: When the Fantasy is Too Real.”

Here are the requirements:
–Submissions must be accompanied by a 150-250 word description of which taboo your work is exploring and how.
The plays can be either completely original, adaptations of classical works or other material that fits the requirements of this genre.
–The plays must be 10-25 minutes long.
The plays should not require elaborate sets, props or costumes.
Submissions may consist of one or more plays.
Completed drafts are preferred but not absolutely necessary.
Please include with your submission any past writing and theatre credits.
Submissions will be accepted no later than February 15, 2016.
Chosen submissions will be announced by March 1, 2016.

The accepted plays will be workshopped during early spring (the exact dates will be determined by the number of shows accepted). The selected works will then be rehearsed and mounted over the following months, with exact details and dates to be announced at a later time.

Submissions can be sent to Taboo Theatre’s Artistic Director at