Winning Submissions for 2014 Grand Guignol Show Announced!

Taboo has chosen the three plays it will produce for its fourth Festival of Fear: An Evening of Grand Guignol show this fall after putting out a call for submissions in January. Two of the plays were written by Halifax’s own Alison House: they are A Terrible Misstep and War Crimes & Punishment. The other one, How’d You Get Those Eyes? is by Ira Henderson, also of Halifax. Both House and Henderson have been involved with Taboo’s previous Grand Guignol shows as actors, and House directed one of last year’s plays.

We received over 100 submissions of original plays from Canada and abroad, and is proud to say that many of the top contenders were by local playwrights.  We would like to thank everyone who submitted a script to us. Some of the submissions will be considered for future Taboo productions.

The winning playwrights have been active members of the Halifax theatre scene for several years. Taboo Theatre’s last Grand Guignol show presented three works by Halifax playwright Dan Bray, one of which went on to be presented at last year’s Atlantic Fringe Festival.

The chosen plays will be workshopped over the next few months before being presented at the Bus Stop Theatre from Nov. 3 to Nov. 9. Grand Guignol is a genre of theatre which became popular in Paris in the early 20th century in which a program of short horror plays alternating with comedies is presented during the course of an evening. You can find more information on this fascinating and neglected theatre form at


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