Actors Needed For 2014 Grand Guignol Show!

Auditions are being held at the Queen Street Sobeys Community Room in Halifax on Sunday, Aug. 24 starting at 2 pm for Festival of Fear IV, our Grand Guignol show from Nov. 6-9. Script excerpts will be provided to read but you can also perform a prepared monologue if you want. We require at least four actors – four women, one man – for the following plays: War Crimes and Punishment by Alison House, A Terrible Misstep by Alison House and How’d You Get Those Eyes? by Ira Henderson. They will be directed by Howard Beye, Mike Chandler and Luciana Silvestre Fernandes respectively. Rehearsals will be held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and on Sunday afternoons. To book an audition time or for more information, send a message to For more information on Grand Guignol, the French theatre of horror popular in the early 20th century, see the website


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