Cast and Crew for Festival of Fear IV Announced

The cast for our 2014 Grand Guignol show, entitled Festival of Fear IV: The Evils of Envy will be Andrea Dymond, Megan Kendell, Paige Smith and Mat Tufts. Megan has appeared in previous Grand Guignol shows (and directed a play for one of them), while Paige appeared in Taboo’s production of The Madonna Painter  in June of 2013. Andrea and Mat are making their Taboo debut. The plays in this year’s show are War Crimes and Punishment by Alison House, A Terrible Misstep by Alison House and How’d You Get Those Eyes? by Ira Henderson. They will be directed by Howard Beye, Mike Chandler and Luciana Silvestre Fernandes respectively. Stephanie Kincade is the producer, Rebecca Schneidereit is the assistant director, Vance Vegas is the lighting designer and the stage managers are Liz Thomas and Mark Monk.

Here is a brief description of each of the three plays:

War Crimes and Punishment: a man accused of being a traitor during a war undergoes a harsh interrogation.
A Terrible Misstep: a wealthy British woman confesses the murder of her husband to a friend in a very cavalier manner.
How’d You Get Those Eyes?: a jealous woman arranges for some very ghoulish surgery to enhance her appearance.
The show will be presented at the Bus Stop Theatre on 2203 Gottingen St. from Nov. 6th to Nov. 9th at 8 pm, and there will also be a 2 pm matinee on Sunday, November 9th. The ticket price will be $15 regular, $10 for seniors, artists and the unwaged.

For more information on Grand Guignol, the French theatre of horror popular in the early 20th century, see the website


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