A Grand Guignol Double Bill! in Atlantic Fringe Festival 2015

Those Eyes2

For this year’s Atlantic Fringe Festival, Taboo Theatre presents two short plays in the style of the early 20th century French theatre of horror by local playwrights Alison House and Ira Henderson.

In the comedy A Terrible Misstep, written by Alison House and directed by Zara Tufts, a wealthy British woman confesses the murder of her husband to a friend in a shockingly cavalier manner. In the horror play How’d You Get Those Eyes?, written by Ira Henderson and directed by Luciana Silvestre Fernandes, two women wake up in a meat locker where they are being held by a doctor with dubious intentions. Laugh your guts out and then get ready for graphic gore in a “hot and cold shower” double bill.

All shows will be at the second stage at Fort Massey United Chuch on 5303 Tobin Street in Halifax.

Directors: Zara Tufts and Luciana Silvestre Fernandes.
Producer: Mike Chandler
Cast: Andrea Dymond, Megan Kendell, Paige Smith, Mat Tufts

For mature audiences only.
Length: 60 mins.


Friday Sep 4th – 8:40PM
Saturday Sep 5th – 6:55PM
Sunday Sep 6th – 6:30PM
Monday Sep 7th – 4:45PM
Saturday Sep 12th – 3:55PM
Sunday Sep 13th – 3:15PM

For more information on Grand Guignol, the French theatre of horror popular in the early 20th century, see the website grandguignol.com.


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