No Exit

“Anything, anything would be better than this agony of mind, this creeping pain that gnaws and fumbles and caresses one and never hurts quite enough”
Taboo is currently presenting No Exit by Jean Paul Sartre.
No Exit is made of layers upon layers of the fascinating complexity that makes one human.
We have an all-star creative team bringing this show to us. Let’s hear a bit more about it from the creators.

Our director, Megan Kendell, explains a bit about the play:

Sartre believed that being observed by others causes us to view ourselves as an object in another person’s consciousness. He also thought that we do not get involved with people due to any sort of attraction to them, but because of the way they look and us and make us look at ourselves. We surround ourselves with mirrors that reflect what we want to see in ourselves. However, as you will see in No Exit, when that mirror reflects something we would rather not see, it can be quite a torturous experience.

We asked our actors about their fascinating characters

Joel Diamond, the Valet: 
what I find most fascinating about my character is that I truly enjoy and take pleasure in seeing my guests hiding their fears and knowing they will suffer anyway. Welcome to hell!!

Andrea Dymond, Inez: With Inez, it’s the question of why she needs to hurt other people (and see them suffer).  She says if she’s left on our own she”flickers” out.”  Is it really loneliness that drives her?  Or not being able to stand her own company?  So that even if she really loves someone, the only way she can express it is by hurting them? 

Nicole Moore, Estelle: The thing I find most fascinating about Estelle is her ability to compartmentalize, her purposeful and stubborn refusal to address her reality. She never fully accepts her situation or that her own choices may have created that situation.

Pasha Ebrahimi, Garcin: Without conveying plot elements, I would say his desperate obsession with becoming something he’s not, something that he’s lied to himself about his whole life rather than working towards actually achieving it.

No Exit by Jean Paul Sartre
Directed by Megan Kendell
Previewing on Dec 2nd, Running 3rd-5th @8pm
Theatre NS Living Room, 2353 Agricola Street
See you in hell!

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