Taboo Theatre is bringing you a summer of sin and you can be a part of it! This May we’re holding auditions for not one, not two, but three original plays by emerging local playwrights.
Taboo Theatre creates art in Kji’puktuk, part of unceded Mi’kmaw territory. Some roles are gendered but all actors are encouraged to audition for any role.

WHERE: APEX, 6068 Quinpool Road (see accessibility notes below)
WHEN: May 18, 2018 6:00 PM-10:00 PM
HOW: Email to book your spot today and prepare a two-minute monologue, story, poem, or spoken word piece.

by Mark Foster
In a city slowly sinking, a professor tries to create a perfect world as it crumbles around her. An apprentice with a mission to kill her master — but she’ll have to get in line. Two lovers reunite, but one of them has an ulterior motive.
What ties them together? Lorena Salazar, deceased at 26, a decade to the day.

MARLA MASSEY, 58, female, queer. Trapped on a ship in the harbor. Lorena’s former professor who held romantic feelings for the younger woman.
ADRIENNE PATERNOSTER, 22, female. Junior federal finance analyst. Less than a year on the job. Physically powerful and a mind for numbers.
NIKLAS REDSAT, 49, male, queer. A senior financial executive officer, part of Harbourtown’s provisional government.
TOM FINDLAY, 38, male. A former shipyard worker, and member of a brewing revolution. Edie’s former spouse.
EDIE DIRKSEN, 36, female. Manager of a grocery store inland. A former student of Marla and friend of Lorena. She abandoned him 8 years ago, but now she needs his help if she’s going to keep a promise.

by Jasmine Shenandoah Ashfield
A coming of age story about love lies and addiction ‘No Roots’ follows the story of a young indigenous woman struggling to find her place in the world.
JOSEPH, late 20’s, male. Handsome, good humoured. Love interest to Nisa. Lower class, and struggling with hiding his drug addiction. Life of the party, enjoys life. Some dance skills required.
NISA, mid 20s, female. Drives the plot. Young and naive. Has no control over the events that unfold around her. Cautious, but overly trusting. (ALREADY CAST)
ENSEMBLE, any age, any gender. Play multiple roles including a homeless lady, a frat bro, and Nisa’s father. Some dance skills required.

by Mark Foster
The Waiting Gentlewoman follows Percy, a pretentious theatre maker, and his long-suffering wife May, an aspiring poet, whose marriage is about to disintegrate in the middle of a vanity production of Much Ado About Nothing. Can they keep it together long enough to finish their own show?
***This production takes place in Saint John, NB and will be rehearsed in Halifax***
PERCY, early 30’s, male. Percy is an actor/director/writer/designer/leafly reviewer/chronic masturbator/compulsive liar.

ACCESSIBILITY: APEX is the boardroom of the shared offices of 2b theatre, Live Art Dance, and Secret Theatre. The building has an all-gender washroom and is up a flight of stairs. APEX is not a scent-free environment, but scents will be minimized during the auditions to the best of our ability. If acessibility is a conern, email to arrange antoher space to audition in.

Taboo Theatre creates on the sovereign land of Mi’kma’ki, and is subject to the conditions outlined in the Treaties of Peace and Friendship first signed in 1725, which established the Mi’kmaq and Wolastoqiyik people’s rights to their land and resources.
We have gratitude to the Wolastoqiyik people for hosting us on their unceded land during the Fundy Fringe Festival.


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