Our goal is to embrace controversy and present work that defies societal conventions.

Taboo Theatre was founded by Charles Crosby and has produced a number of plays in Halifax, including Tattoo You, Spendthrift, Sticks & Stones, Porn Shoppe, A Mid-Life Marriage, the sold-out smash hit The Whores, Adult Entertainment, A Box, a Bag and a Bottle, The Madonna Painter and six shows featuring short plays in the Grand Guignol genre.


We are a Halifax-based theatre company dedicated to:
• exploring (and challenging) social and emotional taboos and their relevance,
• pushing boundaries – personal, societal, and theatrical, and
• reproducing or restoring theatre forms that pushed boundaries in their time as a means of education and preservation

  Taboo Theatre Team

In addition to working with an incredible roster of Halifax theatre artists, Taboo has a volunteer advisory board, which includes:

Luciana Silvestre Fernandes (Artistic Director)

Antonios Diab (President)

Erica Herbert (Vice-President)

Lara Lewis (Student Representative/Outreach Coordinator)

Mike Chandler (Member at Large)


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