No Exit

“Anything, anything would be better than this agony of mind, this creeping pain that gnaws and fumbles and caresses one and never hurts quite enough”
Taboo is currently presenting No Exit by Jean Paul Sartre.
No Exit is made of layers upon layers of the fascinating complexity that makes one human.
We have an all-star creative team bringing this show to us. Let’s hear a bit more about it from the creators.

Our director, Megan Kendell, explains a bit about the play:

Sartre believed that being observed by others causes us to view ourselves as an object in another person’s consciousness. He also thought that we do not get involved with people due to any sort of attraction to them, but because of the way they look and us and make us look at ourselves. We surround ourselves with mirrors that reflect what we want to see in ourselves. However, as you will see in No Exit, when that mirror reflects something we would rather not see, it can be quite a torturous experience.

We asked our actors about their fascinating characters

Joel Diamond, the Valet: 
what I find most fascinating about my character is that I truly enjoy and take pleasure in seeing my guests hiding their fears and knowing they will suffer anyway. Welcome to hell!!

Andrea Dymond, Inez: With Inez, it’s the question of why she needs to hurt other people (and see them suffer).  She says if she’s left on our own she”flickers” out.”  Is it really loneliness that drives her?  Or not being able to stand her own company?  So that even if she really loves someone, the only way she can express it is by hurting them? 

Nicole Moore, Estelle: The thing I find most fascinating about Estelle is her ability to compartmentalize, her purposeful and stubborn refusal to address her reality. She never fully accepts her situation or that her own choices may have created that situation.

Pasha Ebrahimi, Garcin: Without conveying plot elements, I would say his desperate obsession with becoming something he’s not, something that he’s lied to himself about his whole life rather than working towards actually achieving it.

No Exit by Jean Paul Sartre
Directed by Megan Kendell
Previewing on Dec 2nd, Running 3rd-5th @8pm
Theatre NS Living Room, 2353 Agricola Street
See you in hell!

Call for Submissions

Taboo is looking for submissions again! We have wanted to do this for a while and we are very excited that now is the time. This year, instead of  Grand Guignol plays, we are looking for original adult fairy tales, exploring diverse taboos. Our showcase will have the theme “The Uncanny: When the Fantasy is Too Real.”

Here are the requirements:
–Submissions must be accompanied by a 150-250 word description of which taboo your work is exploring and how.
The plays can be either completely original, adaptations of classical works or other material that fits the requirements of this genre.
–The plays must be 10-25 minutes long.
The plays should not require elaborate sets, props or costumes.
Submissions may consist of one or more plays.
Completed drafts are preferred but not absolutely necessary.
Please include with your submission any past writing and theatre credits.
Submissions will be accepted no later than February 15, 2016.
Chosen submissions will be announced by March 1, 2016.

The accepted plays will be workshopped during early spring (the exact dates will be determined by the number of shows accepted). The selected works will then be rehearsed and mounted over the following months, with exact details and dates to be announced at a later time.

Submissions can be sent to Taboo Theatre’s Artistic Director at

Actors and Crew Members Needed for No Exit

After a great run at the Fringe, we are excited to announce that we are in pre-production for our next show. Luciana Fernandes, our previous general manager, has taken on the role of Artistic Director. Jon Fisher is our new general manager and they are supported by a fantastic new board.

Keep an eye out for our future plans. We will continue to balance historical pieces and new works that push boundaries, while always nurturing local talent. More details are coming soon!

Our next show will be Jean-Paul Sartre’s No Exit, directed by Megan Kendell. This time we will look at a more subtle subject: the taboos that we uncomfortably ignore. No Exit makes us confront the uneasy idea that we are cursed with freedom; what do we make of ourselves in spite of circumstances?  Accountability can be often met with resistance. It is much easier to blame God, the universe, or the system, and become apathetic, a victim of circumstances. No Exit asks questions we often prefer not to be asked and forces us to face ourselves.

Show week will be the week of Nov 29th. Rehearsals will be held part time through October and November. We are currently working on getting the production team together. Get in touch via email to become a part of the team!

Actors: please e-mail with your resume and headshot to book a time slot. Auditions will be happening Friday, Oct 9th, 6-9 PM and Saturday, Oct 10th, 2-6 PM. Monologues are encouraged, though not required.

A Grand Guignol Double Bill! in Atlantic Fringe Festival 2015

Those Eyes2

For this year’s Atlantic Fringe Festival, Taboo Theatre presents two short plays in the style of the early 20th century French theatre of horror by local playwrights Alison House and Ira Henderson.

In the comedy A Terrible Misstep, written by Alison House and directed by Zara Tufts, a wealthy British woman confesses the murder of her husband to a friend in a shockingly cavalier manner. In the horror play How’d You Get Those Eyes?, written by Ira Henderson and directed by Luciana Silvestre Fernandes, two women wake up in a meat locker where they are being held by a doctor with dubious intentions. Laugh your guts out and then get ready for graphic gore in a “hot and cold shower” double bill.

All shows will be at the second stage at Fort Massey United Chuch on 5303 Tobin Street in Halifax.

Directors: Zara Tufts and Luciana Silvestre Fernandes.
Producer: Mike Chandler
Cast: Andrea Dymond, Megan Kendell, Paige Smith, Mat Tufts

For mature audiences only.
Length: 60 mins.


Friday Sep 4th – 8:40PM
Saturday Sep 5th – 6:55PM
Sunday Sep 6th – 6:30PM
Monday Sep 7th – 4:45PM
Saturday Sep 12th – 3:55PM
Sunday Sep 13th – 3:15PM

For more information on Grand Guignol, the French theatre of horror popular in the early 20th century, see the website

Cast and Crew for Festival of Fear IV Announced

The cast for our 2014 Grand Guignol show, entitled Festival of Fear IV: The Evils of Envy will be Andrea Dymond, Megan Kendell, Paige Smith and Mat Tufts. Megan has appeared in previous Grand Guignol shows (and directed a play for one of them), while Paige appeared in Taboo’s production of The Madonna Painter  in June of 2013. Andrea and Mat are making their Taboo debut. The plays in this year’s show are War Crimes and Punishment by Alison House, A Terrible Misstep by Alison House and How’d You Get Those Eyes? by Ira Henderson. They will be directed by Howard Beye, Mike Chandler and Luciana Silvestre Fernandes respectively. Stephanie Kincade is the producer, Rebecca Schneidereit is the assistant director, Vance Vegas is the lighting designer and the stage managers are Liz Thomas and Mark Monk.

Here is a brief description of each of the three plays:

War Crimes and Punishment: a man accused of being a traitor during a war undergoes a harsh interrogation.
A Terrible Misstep: a wealthy British woman confesses the murder of her husband to a friend in a very cavalier manner.
How’d You Get Those Eyes?: a jealous woman arranges for some very ghoulish surgery to enhance her appearance.
The show will be presented at the Bus Stop Theatre on 2203 Gottingen St. from Nov. 6th to Nov. 9th at 8 pm, and there will also be a 2 pm matinee on Sunday, November 9th. The ticket price will be $15 regular, $10 for seniors, artists and the unwaged.

For more information on Grand Guignol, the French theatre of horror popular in the early 20th century, see the website

Actors Needed For 2014 Grand Guignol Show!

Auditions are being held at the Queen Street Sobeys Community Room in Halifax on Sunday, Aug. 24 starting at 2 pm for Festival of Fear IV, our Grand Guignol show from Nov. 6-9. Script excerpts will be provided to read but you can also perform a prepared monologue if you want. We require at least four actors – four women, one man – for the following plays: War Crimes and Punishment by Alison House, A Terrible Misstep by Alison House and How’d You Get Those Eyes? by Ira Henderson. They will be directed by Howard Beye, Mike Chandler and Luciana Silvestre Fernandes respectively. Rehearsals will be held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and on Sunday afternoons. To book an audition time or for more information, send a message to For more information on Grand Guignol, the French theatre of horror popular in the early 20th century, see the website

Positions Available for 2014 Grand Guignol Show

Preparations are currently underway for Taboo’s next Grand Guignol show in the first week of November. We are looking for Production Managers, Producers, Makeup and Special Effects Artists and Stage Managers for this show as well as a director for one of the three plays.

We also still need volunteers willing to fill the following positions on our board:

  • Secretary/Treasurer
  • Publicity Chairperson
  • Properties and Costumes Chairperson
  • Fundraising Coordinator
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Member at Large

If you’re interested in any of these positions, please contact us at