Past Shows


Seasonal Affective Dramas (December 2017)

Taboo Theatre is thrilled to announce their latest creative venture: Seasonal Affective Dramas, running from December 13-16 at the Theatre Nova Scotia Living Room (2353 Agricola Street)

Directed by Taboo artistic director Lara Lewis, S.A.D. is a double bill premiering two original short plays written by Taboo’s playwright-in-residence, Mark Foster.

Break out your U.V. lamps, we’re in for a long winter.

S.A.D. are stories of romanticised art being confronted by the reality of everyday life. In Down The Drain, high art and low art come head to head in an unlikely friendship between Adi, a disaffected visual artist, and Chris, a blue-collar groundskeeper. She wants him to create something, he wants her to take a little responsibility in her life. Who will win this epic battle of wills?

The Waiting Gentlewoman follows Percy, a pretentious theatre maker, and his long-suffering wife May, an aspiring poet, whose marriage is about to disintegrate in the middle of a vanity production of Much Ado About Nothing. Can they keep it together long enough to finish their own show?

S.A.D. features Halifax/Dartmouth actors Kirsten Bruce, Jessy Matthews, and Sam Vigneault.

Stage Management by Ariel MacTavish. Designers working on this project include Carolyn Claypoole (costumes, set), Kaelen MacDonald (costumes), Lara Lewis (projection), and William Sinclair (posters).

This production takes place in Kji’puktuk, unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq. This territory was, and continues to be, sovereign land of its original inhabitants.

The Murder Play (Halifax Fringe Festival 2017)


They cut their hands, they sign with their blood — but what have they agreed to?
A sacrifice, to occur in one week, with who kills and is killed drawn at random. Watch one cultist’s final week, exploring power, violence, and desire all while a deranged killer is on the loose.
Who will meet their final fate on the fateful date? Will it be Herb, the world-weary gravedigger? Corrine, the student in too deep? Max, the anxious actor? Lillian, the true believer? Or Mendax, the mastermind behind the sacrifice?

Taboo Theatre is proud to present The Murder Play as part of the 2017 Halifax Fringe Festival.
Written by Mark Foster, directed by Lara Lewis, and stage managed by Ariel McTavish, The Murder Play stars Sam Vigneault as Herb, Alex Cubbon (Halifax Fringe best female performer 2016) as Lillian, Kya Mosey as Corrine, Jack Smith as Max, and Malia Rogers as Mendax, designed by Zach Greenham.

Thursday August 31, 9pm
Friday September 1, 7:45pm
Sunday September 3, 7pm
Monday September 4, 2pm
Thursday September 7, 7pm
Friday September 8, 5:45pm
Saturday September 9, 10pm
Sunday September 10, Noon

Tickets will be available at
Poster design by William Sinclair

Rut (Halifax Fringe Festival 2016)


Rut is a play about communication and performance, relationships and what fails to drive them apart.
Jack and Molly fall victim to a popularity contest of the Gods, and drag their unassuming roommates in with them.

$5 at the door.

Sept 5th- 8:00 pm
Sept 6th- 9:00 pm
Sept 9th- 6:30 pm
Sept 10th- 2:00 pm
Sept 11th- 7:35 pm

Justin Moir as Jack
Alex Cubbon as Molly
Peter Sarty as Dez
Paisley Conrad as Hannah
Edie Reaney as Coninua
Genny Dow as Latitua
Directed by Lara Lewis
Stage Managed by Zach Greenham

The Uncanny (August 2016)


Taboo Theatre is excited to present a series of 3 original short plays at the Bus Stop Theatre this August!

Once Upon a Time can be so inspiring.
We can look at these fantastical worlds, yet still see ourselves in them.
We can measure our world by it and re-write the ending as we please.
We can play and joke and be silly and carefree.
We can go places we would never allow ourselves to go.
And that is exactly what we are doing.

Asleep at the Wheel by Jordan Hall
Directed by Zara Tufts
A dab of privilege, a spoonful of promises and a touch of despair.
Locked in a cell, bribed with the “happily ever after”, two young women are expected to turn on each other. Can sisterhood survive?

Marriedest One of All by Jenn Dlugos and Charlie Hatton
Directed by Andrea Dymond*
A dab of pride, a spoonful of husbands and a touch of jealousy.
Hilarious and irreverent , this comedy follows The Evil Queen as she fights for yet another title stolen from her by Snow White: The Marriedest One of All!

Hansel in Lederhosen by Hal Corley
Directed by Luciana S. Fernandes
A dab of kink, a spoonful of incest and a touch of familiarity.
In this uncomfortably irresistible dark comedy, a Halifax director holds auditions for his new hush-hush experimental play and is blown away by an oddly mysterious actress, who understands what he is looking for almost too well.

-Shows at the Bus Stop Theatre, 2203 Gottingen
-4-7 August, 2016 @ 8PM, with a 2PM matinee Sunday August 7th

*This is a Canadian Actors’ Equity Association production under the Artists’ Collective Policy

Please Note: Mature subject matter.
This show is NOT appropriate for young audiences.

No Exit (December 2015)


Taboo Theatre proudly presents No Exit by Jean Paul Sartre.

Directed by Megan Kendell
Stage Managed by Zara Tufts
Produced by Luciana Fernandes
Featuring: Pasha Ebrahimi*
Andrea Dymond*
Nicole Moore
Joel Diamond

About the play: Sartre’s idea is that we are condemned to be free, and that we are defined by the actions we choose. We like to believe we are made by our circumstances, but in Sartre’s view, we make ourselves despite our circumstances.
That level of accountability is generally met with resistance. But how many of our problems as a society are caused by that same society being apathetic?
No one likes to think of themselves as being a torment to others, though we can certainly name those who have tormented ourselves.

* This is a Canadian Actors’ Equity Association production under the Artists’ Collective Policy

Living Room, 2353 Agricola St.
Preview Dec 2nd- pwyc @8pm
Dec 3-5- $15 @8pm

A Grand Guignol Double Bill! (September 2015)

GG Double Bill #2

For the 2015 Atlantic Fringe Festival, Taboo Theatre presented two short plays in the style of the early 20th century French theatre of horror by local playwrights Alison House and Ira Henderson.In the comedy A Terrible Misstep, written by Alison House and directed by Zara Tufts, a wealthy British woman confesses the murder of her husband to a friend in a shockingly cavalier manner. In the horror play How’d You Get Those Eyes?, written by Ira Henderson and directed by Luciana Silvestre Fernandes, two women wake up in a meat locker where they are being held by a doctor with dubious intentions.

All shows were at the second stage at Fort Massey United Chuch on 5303 Tobin Street in Halifax.

Directors: Zara Tufts and Luciana Silvestre Fernandes.
Producer: Mike Chandler
Cast: Andrea Dymond, Megan Kendell, Paige Smith, Mat Tufts

For mature audiences only.
Length: 60 mins.


Friday Sep 4th – 8:40PM
Saturday Sep 5th – 6:55PM
Sunday Sep 6th – 6:30PM
Monday Sep 7th – 4:45PM
Saturday Sep 12th – 3:55PM
Sunday Sep 13th – 3:15PM

For more information on Grand Guignol, the French theatre of horror popular in the early 20th century, see the website


Festival of Fear IV: The Evils of Envy (November 2014)


The fourth version of our Grand Guignol show included these three plays:In War Crimes and Punishment, written by Alison House and directed by Howard Beye, a man accused of being a traitor during a war undergoes a harsh interrogation.
In A Terrible Misstep, written by Alison House and directed by Mike Chandler, a wealthy British woman confesses the murder of her husband to a friend in a very cavalier manner.
In How’d You Get Those Eyes?, written by Ira Henderson and directed by Luciana Silvestre Fernandes, a jealous woman arranges for some very ghoulish surgery to enhance her appearance.
Cast: Andrea Dymond, Megan Kendell, Paige Smith and Mat Tufts
Producer: Stephanie Kincade
Assistant Director: Rebecca Schneidereit
Lighting Designer: Vance Vegas
Stage Managers: Liz Thomas, Mark Monk


The show was presented at the Bus Stop Theatre on 2203 Gottingen St. from Nov. 6th to Nov. 9th at 8 pm with a 2 pm matinee on Sunday, November 9th. The ticket prices were $15 regular, $10 for seniors, artists and the unwaged.

For more information on Grand Guignol, the French theatre of horror popular in the early 20th century, see the website

Criminal Negligée (Atlantic Fringe Festival 2013)

Criminal Negligée at Fringe 2013

At the 23rd Atlantic Fringe Festival, Taboo Theatre delighted audiences with a raucous re-staging of Grand Guignol III‘s hit sex farce, Criminal Negligée, written by Dan Bray. Starring Genevieve Jones, Ira Henderson, James MacDonald, Colleen MacIsaac and Keith Morrison. Directed by Stephanie Kincade. Stage management by Christina Macdonald.

The Madonna Painter (June 2013)

The Madonna Painter poster

The Madonna Painter. Poster design by Colleen MacIsaac.

Festival of Fear: An Evening of Grand Guignol III (November 2012)

Taboo Theatre’s annual Festival of Fear: An Evening of Grand Guignol ran from November 7-11 at the Bus Stop Theatre, and once again delighted audiences with blood, gore, sex, comedy, suspense, and horror! Like our two previous fear festivals, Grand Guignol III comprised three short plays (two dramas and a comedy) in the style of the early 20th century French theatre of horror. In 2012, Taboo introduced something different: all three plays were new, original works by local playwright Dan Bray. Not only that, but Bray’s plays were gorier, sexier, and reflect the author’s trademark wit.

Our beloved host, The Manager, returns again for 2012's Festival of Fear!

Our beloved host, The Manager, returns again for 2012’s Festival of Fear!

Cradles and Graves is inspired by real events that occurred in Argentina, but Bray’s version takes place in a militaristic Paris, where a member of a revolutionary group decides to take revenge on a doctor she believes murdered her child. Criminal Négligée is a dark comedy about an arrogant intellectual who decides to commit the perfect murder but gets more than he bargained for when he chooses two plucky prostitutes as the victims. In The Rites, a supposed suicide victim is horribly mutilated because of an ancient superstition, leaving his bride-to-be to deal with the mortifying consequences.

Scaraoke Fundraiser (October 2012)


Phaedra’s Love (May 2012)


Taboo Theatre’s production of Phaedra’s Love by Sarah Kane, directed by Artistic Director Stephanie Kincade, ran from May 9-13, 2012 at the Bus Stop Theatre and featured an exceptionally talented and experienced cast including:

Ben Irvine
Carolyn Thomas
Emily Pettet
Jozel Campbell-Lemire
David Rossetti
Mike Chandler
Heather Beresford
Dana Thompson
Doug MacAulay

About the Play Sarah Kane is one of a few young playwrights that emerged out of Great Britain in the 1990s who specialized in shock or “in-yer-face” theatre.” These playwrights present vulgar, shocking, and confrontational material on stage as a means of involving and affecting their audiences. It is a theatre form that breaks with the conventions of Naturalist theatre. Kane’s plays are characterized by a poetic intensity, pared-down language, exploration of theatrical form, and, in her earlier work, the use of extreme and violent stage action. “Phaedra’s Love” was a commissioned work. Loosely based on Seneca’s play Phaedra, it has been given a modern setting and a distinctly modern twist by reversing classical tradition by showing, rather than describing, violent action and sexuality on stage. In this retelling of the myth, it is Theseus’ son, Hippolytus, and his cruel treatment of Phaedra that takes focus over Phaedra’s doomed love for her stepson. Often described by Kane as “my comedy,” the play explores the brutal nature of love, social relations, nihilism and belief.

Banned Aid Fundraiser (April 2012)

Banned Aid Poster

The Eight: Reindeer Monologues (December 2011)

Cast (left to right): Charles Crosby, Heather Beresford, Christine Daniels, Dan Bray (front), Eric Fitzpatrick (back), Darrell Yates, Mike Chandler, Lisa Rose Snow

Festival of Fear: Another Evening of Grand Guignol (October 2011)

Bloodthursty Fundraiser (Oct. 2011)


A Box, A Bag and A Bottle (May 2011)

BBB - May 12-21

An Evening of Grand Guignol (October 2010)



Adult Entertainment (October 2009)

poster final from website

A Midlife Marriage (Atlantic Fringe Festival 2006)


Porn Shoppe (Atlantic Fringe Festival 2005)



Sticks and Stones (Atlantic Fringe Festival 2004)


Spendthrift (Atlantic Fringe Festival 2002)


Tattoo You (Atlantic Fringe Festival 2001)

Cast: Denis Envoldson, Leana Todd, Lee Pitts, Susan Reicheld and Darrell Yates


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