Festival of Fear: Another Evening of Grand Guignol

FESTIVAL OF FEAR: Another Evening of Grand Guignol

After thrilling audiences with last year’s “Evening of Grand Guignol,” Taboo Theatre is bringing the macabre French tradition back to the Halifax stage. Three new plays, same horror theatre.

Playing Oct 26 – 30, 2011 at The North Street Church

Heather Beresford, Dan Bray, Mike Chandler, Christine Daniels, Pasha Ebrahimi, Eric Fitzpatrick, Ira Henderson, Alison House, Megan Kendell, Jesse Robb

In The Darkroom (Directed by Megan Kendell)
A grieving young man takes one last photograph of his deceased fiancee. Upon re-examining the image, however, he realizes that the woman he buried was perhaps not as dead as he thought. The play is an ominous, eerie tragedy that concludes with an horrific exhumation.

Chop-Chop; or, The Guillotine (Directed by Dan Bray)
A hapless mechanic laments his wife’s infidelity while installing the latest attraction at the Daumier Museum: the guillotine. Meanwhile, his wife and her reluctant lover have come to that very exhibit to make love on the infamous device. But when the lover gets trapped in the guillotine, only the cuckold knows how to get him out. Hijinx and revenge collide in this risque comedy, as the mechanic decides whether to release his rival… or release the blade.

Private Room #6 (Directed by Mike Chandler)
A notorious Russian general is expecting a special visit from his new lover, Lea. The villain has some very particular plans for the evening, but it quickly becomes evident that Lea has her own agenda. With violence both on and offstage, this sensual, psychological thriller concludes the evening as it explores what happens when the predator unexpectedly becomes the prey. In the wake of recent political events, its treatment of war crimes and abuse of power is still as relevant today as it was one hundred years ago.

Lighting by Sean Burke
Guillotine Construction by Taylor Andrews
Hair by Christina Richard
Produced by Charles Crosby
Production Management by Christine Daniels and Stephanie Kincade
Stage Management by Colleen MacIsaac

Poster by Colleen MacIsaac (www.littlefoible.net)

UPDATE: November 1st, 2011
Thank you, thank you, thank you to the insanely talented group of people who worked on this production and to everyone who gave us their support either through donations (of time, goods, or money) or by joining us at the show.

We’ve now packed up Grand Guignol for the season, but we are already working on the next one!


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